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“I never think of myself as an icon. What is in other people’s minds is not in my mind. I just do my thing.” – Audrey Hepburn

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Gucci Recreates The Diana Bag

The Month of Princess Diana 60th Birthday

Gucci pays homage to the Iconic Princess by Releasing The Bamboo Gucci Bag Diana wore faithfully throughout London and the world..

Diana has timeless style, The fashion worn by her now sells for millions… The Gucci Diana Bag retails for 3 grand, this handbag is timeless!!!

Check out my photos below…

Courtesy of Vogue Magazine/DailyMail/London

The Mini Diana Gucci Bag
Princess Diana Original Bamboo Bag
This off white/beige/bamboo Gucci Diana Bag!
Luv this colorway
Green/Diana Gucci Bag
The bags released 7/6

“Halston The Icon”

I recently watched this series on Netflix I learned 3 things from this!!!

1. Never sell your name, it’s everything !!!

Create a brand and sell that, not your government name!!!it’s holds soo much more value! if that makes any sense

2. Halston created tye dye…

3.Halston had an opportunity to bring denim to life he past on the offer waited too late and know we have Calvin Klein!!!!, Calvin would never existed in denim had Halston moved at the right time!!!! Don’t miss out on Opportunities!!!!

3.Studio 54 The 70’s fashion was crazy!!!! Truly a time to be Alive !!! And Be Free!!!

4. Halston created branding one of the first American fashion designers to go into a major retailer JC Penny

5.Halston was one of the first designers to bring Suede on the runway!!!!!!

The Ultimate Bucket Hat”

This Kangol is a print we must have….

Pair w/ almost anything to give your look Ah VIBE

Dress it up or down… w/ this bucket you are sure to turn headzzz… ICONZ ONLY ICONICSHHT

Check Out Dope Accessories below to add to this Look!!! See You IN STYLEINSPO…

Pair these look w/ Denim!!!!
CK Kangol Bucket Hat

“Yeezy Boost 350 V2”

The fav Yeezy of all 350 V2 Releases 6/18

Download Adidas Confirmed App The Draw is Open……$220

“Iconz Only”

Yeezy 350

Summer Anklets

Anklets are the perfect accessory for any look!!!

You can pair this with any Denim Look/ and Graphic Tee add LAX Cuban Necklace to jazz up!!!

Featured in Our New LA Accessories, check out our 5/ tier anklet in gold and silver Just Added

Gold 5 Tier Anklet
Silver 5/Tier Anklet


Blazers,Skirts, Pants

Styles Only Fit For An Icon…


MIX w/ Prints & Jackie O Shades”

Check Out Our New Graphic…….


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